For kids

Would you like to be a guide for childrens activities?

We off the possiblity for working with pairs of children on different courses. Being an assistant guide is not demanding, when you bring a happy attitude along. To work as a guide we will of course train you at Suomen Latu courses, there is a course a committment from you to guide activities as needed. If you are interested in our activities and participating in guiding contact:

 - Mörrit: or tel. 044 987 3473

 - Moomin outdoors and ski courses: or tel. 040 558 6034



Haanoja area

Sat-Sun 23. - 24.1.2021, 12.00–13.30
Sat-Sun 30. - 30.1.2021, 12.00–13.30

Moomin ski-school for children from 5 years of age. Conducted in 4 parts, going through the basics of skiing and various techniques for ski-games. There will be breaks and warm juice. Older skiiers can ski longer routes.


  • Moomin trolls n. 5-6 y, have started skiing already

  • Sniff n. 5-8 y, have control of the basics

  • Retkihemulit (violet) approx. 6-10 y, have participated previously and are in control of the basics of skiing, this will happen if there are at least 5 participants.

NOTE: Dress warmly. Maximum participants approx. 25. Everyone receives a certificate (partipation at least 2 times). Temp. limit is -15 °C. Free of charge for Latu members, non-members 15 €/child.

Register by 15.1.2021 040 558 6034/Meeri

We need helpers and trainers. If you are interested you are welcome to join us!

Muumin family ski-school Haanoja area

Sun 24.1.2021, 10.30 - 11.30
Sat 30.1.2021, 10.30 - 11.30

Starting from 2 years of age with a responsible adult. Games and activities to introduce children to the world of skiing.The Moomin family ski-school has a lot to give also to parents and chldren with special needs. NOTE: Adults also need their skis!

No pre-registration needed. Temp. limit is -15 °C. Dress warmly.

More information: 040 558 6034/Meeri

    ”It's fun in winter, when you can ski...”


Metsämörri courses

Metsämörri is an activity where the aim is to bring children closer to nature through their own experiences, life and their senses. The goal is that children will naturally become familiar with nature through songs and games and will learn to recognise common plamts and animals. In the forest they will experience the small and big miracles of nature.

Courses are arranged once a week in spring and autumn, for four to five weeks. Pre-announcements of the courses will be made in Kouvolan Sanomat and Pohjois-Kymenlaakso newspapers assosiation columns, and also on this website.

Moomin outdoors course

Moomin outdoors is an extension of Moomin skiing and snowshoe walking. With the help of exciting Moomin characters, the course gives children and families the chance to get out and about also during the times when the snow has melted. The course teaches skills at the childrens level and through games according to the age. It is a more complex way, where hiking and camping skills are taught, how to move through the nature, and also games linked to themes. Each skill set has a set character from Moomin Valley and these will be built around the ready stories.

Moomin outdoors courses:

  • Moominfamily 0-10 y (with a responsible adult)
  • Moomintroll 5-6 y
  • Hemulen 6-10 y

Guides are required to have Suomen Latu training, if you are interested Kouvola Latu will pay if you agree to guide future trips. Welcome!

For more information contact Meeri, tel. 040 558 6034


Perhemörri works in the same way as Mörri. The aim is to get the whole family interested in the nature of the local forest, through games, songs and all kinds of fun together.

Perhemörri is arranged once a month on Sundays from 10:00-11:30 at Palomäki or other places as announced. The group still has available places. For more information and to register, contact Merja, or EVENINGS ONLY tel. 044 987 3473 


For 7-12 year-olds and arranged every third or fourth Tuesday from 17:45 -19:15, and also by agreement on suitable weekends. The aim of the group is to get aquainted with one another and to spend time together outdoors in natural areas of the vacinity. Metsävaeltajat skills are based on nature and other areas of responsible behaviour, and also how to pack your own backpack.