The association consists of members. Members also run the association. Members are the association.

The association meetings

At the spring meeting in March, the previous year’s report and accounts are approved. At the same meeting, the Latu person of the Year is chosen, being rewarded for their good work for the association and others.

At the autumn meeting in November, members can have their say in the upcoming year plan and financial matters. At the same meeting, new board members and chairperson are elected according to the association’s rules.

The board meets once a month during spring and autumn. It is usually on a Tuesday at 18:00 at Latupirtti. Members are welcome to attend these meetings to see how they function.

Various committees have their own meetings as necessary.

Active membership

An active membership is the main strength of the association. The board and committees serve the members. You are welcome to join the board, committees, as a guide or coach. As a committee member of the association you can participate in the development of many activities. The association supports the education of active members, participates in meetings of Suomen Latu, and supports the development of their own and other association happenings.