A well-equipped 6-person semi-detached cabin on the eastern slope of Rukatunturi. the network of lit skiing tracks can be seen from the front door, and the nearest ski lift is only 500 m along the road. Hiking can start from the front door, and the wilderness is only 1-2 km away. Rukanaava has been improved with a sauna renovation and a separate bedroom has been built behind the upstair balcony.

2024 availability

VK 420 -27.1 talven taikaa€500FREE
VK 103 – 9.3hiihtokelit parhaimmillaan€550RESERVED
VK 1613 – 20.4kevät hangille€600FREE
VK 2225.5 – 1.6kesän tulo Rukalle€500FREE
VK 286 – 13.7keskikesän taikaa€500FREE
VK 3417 – 24.8marja-aika€500RESERVED
VK 4028.9-5.10ruskan jälkiä€550FREE
VK 46  9 – 16.11ensilumille€550FREE
VK 5221 – 28.12 joulun viettoon Rukalle€600RESERVED
Photos of Rukannaava