Voluntary Rescue Service (VAPEPA)

Kouvola Latu is involved in voluntary rescue services.

The voluntary rescue service (Vapepa) is the Finnish Red Cross coordinated together with 50 associations. Vapepa’s task is to support the authorites and many rescue personnel in their demanding tasks. In these situations Vapepa works at the request of the authorities, to fulfil and support police, rescue, social and health organisations. Common situations where Vapepa is called upon is for example in the search for missing persons, kouvola Latu has an emergency group for this.

Vapepa’s basic task is to provide help for those that need it. The aim is that voluntary help is as good as possible. Vapepa organises training for this.

Voluntary rescue service

  •  organised national committe
  •  acts on request
  •  supprting authorities

The local committe of Kouvola is organising the following training:

  • Terrain leadership
  • Car patrol
  • Scouting

If you are interested in the above training or in becoming a volunteer rescue person, contact Erkki Mänttäriin  tel. 040 820 4477 or erkki.manttari@pp1.inet.fi