21.3. klo 18.30 (coffee at 18.00)Spring meetingLatupirtti
28.3. at 18.00Trips, waterway trips, (e.g. Suomi meloo team forming)Latupirtti
8.-15.4Saariselkä ski weekSaariselkä
9.5. at 18-20.00New and current members evening, together with Tuesday saunaLatupirtti
JulySummer theatre trip to Mikkeli
15.5. from 17.30Evening paddling in local waterwaysGather at Kouvola central church carpark
27.5.2023Radansuu nature trailRadansuu
AutumnMushroom hunting, MartatMushroom forest
9.-16.9.2023Ruska trip to SaariselkäSaariselkä
30.9. at 10.00Autumn trip to Repovesi, together with Xamk studentsLeaving from Kouvola travel centre to Repovesi national park
1.10 at 10.00Four ponds walkLeaving from (and returning to) Kouvola ice hall
21.11. at 18.30 (coffee at 18.00)Autumn meetingLatupirtti

Kouvola Latu sports happenings 2023

check main page and LaturiVolleyball for men and womenVahtero school
KSAO Utinkatu 44-48
Urheilupuisto school
16.5.2023 klo 18.00Mountain bikingSports field, Sumulaakso carpark
Every second Tuesday in the month at 18.00Sauna, for all membersLatupirtti, Hautalantie 250
Monday evenings at 17.30  15.5-28.8.2023Evening paddling in the local waterwaysgather at 17.30 at the central church carpark
Once a week from 28.4 on different days, at 18.00 (announcement each week on Kouvola track running fb-pages)Track runningLeaving from various points, staring from sports field swimming hall, aloitus Urheilupuiston uimahalli, (announcement each week on Kouvola track running fb-pages)

In summertime outddor volleyball at Sarkols field on Mondays and Thursdays. Times to be confirmed, also for indoors.

There is a €3 fee for indoor sessions.

Latupirti tuesday sauna is free for all members.

For the enjoyment of members, the association arranges sauna/latu evenings at Latupirtti and trips in Kouvola and local areas, and/or other cultural happenings.